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Bad as Me – A review of Tom Waits latest album

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Tom Waits has been keeping us  in suspence with cryptic twitter updates telling us something was coming on August the 7th.  Well here it is. A new video from his album Bad As Me. I’ve also added my recent review of the album below.


There are few artists who can say their music is unique.  Tom Waits is surely one of them.  His latest album, Bad as Me echoes some of his best work like, The Heart of Saturday Night and Blue Valentine, while incorporating the menace and quirkiness of Franks Wild Years in some of the more visceral songs.

Waits music has always swung between the sounds of carnival eccentricities like, “The Piano Has been Drinking NotMe” across to the stunningly beautiful, like, “Blue Valentine”: Bad as Me has all of
this and more.

Starting with, “Chicago”, a fast paced song set to the drum beat of a steam train and followed by “Raised Right Men” two songs typically Waitsian in their production and tone.  Waits then softens with “Face to
the Highway” and the beautiful, “Pay Me”. A song layered with violins, accordions and piano giving it the feel of a Parisian summer’s night.

Waits voice changes in almost every song on the album.  His rough angry growl in “Bad as Me”sinks to a melodic soft baritone filled with longing in “Kiss Me”, possibly the best song on the album.

This is no new direction for Waits, but feels more like an artist honing old ideas with the knowledge of age.  Each song polished with hard earned experience and molded with the sure hands of an artist at the top of his game.  Bad as Me is a worthy addition to the Waits collection and his best album in years.


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April 27, 2012 at 3:02 pm


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