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Alegria Cirque Du Soleil – O2 Arena Dublin

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Before the Cirque had even started, clowns wandered the crowd engaging the audience members in the O2 arena in buffoonery and hilarity. They set the stage and primed the atmosphere for a night of otherworldly beauty and grace.

Alegria is a Spanish word meaning jubilation; it is a state of mind and an emotion. From the moment the very first performer arrived I knew what Alegria meant in the context of the Cirque. They arrived on stage led by a hunchbacked old aristocrat so skinny and tall he seemed a creature straight from a Tim Burton movie. He was attended by a girl dressed in white and ageless in her looks, the lead singer for the night.

What followed was mind bending and awe inspiring. The performers grace and beauty combined with almost preternatural acrobatic skills left me breathless and in awe throughout the night.

Each act surpassed the preceding one, from acrobatics, Russian pole jumping and displays of physical control and strength that caused the audience to stand and clap their appreciation more than once.

Between acts the clowns would descend adding comedy to the beauty of the show and including audience members in their mad capers.

The trapeze finale was of such staggering skill and daring it was the perfect finish to the night leaving the audience crying for more.

Cirque Du Soleil is more than a show; it is an experience. For adults, it will revive the child in you and for children it will inspire and delight.


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